Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about our company and services.

Q:    What type of clients/patients do you serve?
A:    Community ​Health and Wellness, LLC serves individuals with disabilities, including but not limited to individuals with intellectual, physical, cognitive, and social/emotional disabilities. 

Q:    Do you have a local facility?
A:    Currently, our company is 100% mobile!

Q:    Do you accept private pay and how much do you charge for services?
A:    We accept private pay through Cash or check. We charge a $25.00 return check fee. Session fees vary according to service. Also, fees may depend on availability of therapist and/or service provider in local area. Fees for service may be offered on a sliding scale, and we also work to locate local, state, and national funding sources in order to secure services for clients in need. Contact us for more details!

Q:    Do you accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid?
A:    Currently, we are not accepting insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Q:    Are you for profit or non-profit?
A:    Community Health and Wellness is a for profit organization.

Q:    Do you carry professional liability insurance in case of an accident?
A:    Yes, All staff members carry professional liability insurance.

Q:    What credentials must your staff obtain to provide services?
A:    State/National Certification and/or License to practice in the state of Texas, Social Security Card, Driver’s License, Auto Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance (Once Hired), Background Checks, Updated Resume & Job Application