Host Home

Host Home

What is a Host Home?

A Host Home is the home of a group participant or family members of a group participant that want to host a group therapy session. Group Therapy sessions include our FACE to face program and Camp TREK.

host-home-iconA Host Home must have the following:

  • Open Home
  • Open Mind
  • Open Heart

A Host Home must be willing to complete the following:

Allow staff access to the home prior to the session for evaluation
Allow staff into home 30 minutes prior to session and 30 minutes after a session
Allow group therapy participants access to various areas of the home including, but not limited to bathroom, kitchen, living room, and back yard as needed for group therapy
Be willing to invite neighbors, friends, and participants to join the Group
Be willing enter into contract with Community Health and Wellness, LLC regarding length, date, and time of session
Sign a waiver of liability and property damage

How to become a Host Home

If you are interested in becoming a Host Home, please contact us! We have registration forms available for you to fill out. After the form is completed, we will contact you to set up a host home evaluation. Registration forms require a $10 deposit, which will be applied to your Group Therapy session once a session is scheduled.

Make a difference in the lives of your loved ones & your neighborhood today! Become a Host home!

**Host Homes receive significant discounts on Group Therapy participation!

We’re now accepting Host Home applications!

answers Not sure on becoming a Host Home?!
Call us to Learn more about setting up a possible session in your community park instead!