Our Services

Community Health and Wellness provides therapeutic home and community services for people with disabilities. In 2013, we began serving Veterans in a new expansion, called Community Integration Programming.

Committed To Serve!

At Community Health and Wellness, our greatest ambition is to serve our clients and our community. We focus on quality care that will help us connect to families across Central Texas, in turn allowing our clients to build stronger roots in their hometowns, leading to longterm health and welfare within their community. Establishment of strong connections with the community has been shown to diminish the cost of health care and decrease institutionalization, and by participating in home and community base service, we know clients will be able to obtain a better quality of life.

Committed to Clients!

Our clients are our family, friends and neighbors. They are our community. We are committed to providing them with best in class healthcare in a home and/or community based setting where they feel comfortable, cared for, and valued.

We’re proud to now offer a sliding scale rate for private, 1:1 in home and community services.

What We Offer


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